The core purpose is to support technology transfer and commercialisation of innovations through enterprise development. This is done through;

The Technology Business Development Fund
Technology Business Incubation
Preparation of technology business plans.
The TBDF is an instrument through which the Centre provides a commercialisation outlet for products of Science, Technology and Innovation. This is a deliberate initiative by government to ensure an increased uptake of products of Science, Technology and Innovation by entrepreneurs, Innovators and industry. For details on this click here

Business plan/ proposal writing is also offered as a service in Business Development Support.

Investment Opportunities

To continue adding value to Zambian products and various innovations,
investment decisions must come alongside an idea that has been proven viable and feasible. In line with this, NTBC has a list of packaged technologies on sale that present investment opportunities. Such packaged technologies are regularly updated and include the following under which expert advice can be provided:

Cement Production
Leather Production
Sheet glass Production
Sugar Production
Tomato Processing
Plastic Recycling
Waste Paper Recycling
For more information on the above technologies, please e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.