The National Technology Business Centre (NTBC) is a corporate body that was created by the Science and Technology Act No. 26 of 1997 and Statutory Instrument No. 136 of 1999. NTBC became operational from 1st April 2002.

NTBC was established with the main objective of linking developed and proven technologies from various local and international sources with the local technology seekers i.e. business community and entrepreneurs, for creation of wealth and employment.

NTBC’s mandate is to commercialise new technologies and transfer technologies. Its core functions include:

Providing information on transfer of technologies and services.
Providing database on technologies and on-line data banks
Providing information on technology and services.
Acting as a liaison institution for search and matching of prospective parties for transfer of technologies.
Evaluating the relevance of imported technologies and assess their environmental impact.
Providing advisory services in engineering and process design to accompany the marketing and commercialization of prototypes.
Setting up and maintaining a business development fund for the entrepreneurs in need
Promoting women in Science and technology

To be a leading institution in the promotion, marketing and transfer of technologies in Zambia by the year 2030


To effectively promote, market and transfer suitable technologies in order to maximise their utilisation by industry


Our services are inclined to providing consultancy in the areas of utilisation of new technology and expert advice in business development.

Although reaching through to all corners of the country, National Technology Business Centre has one office based in Lusaka’s 8th Floor of New Government Building, Nasser Road.