When was N.T.B.C Established?
The National Technology Business Centre (NTBC) Is a Corporate body created by the Science and Technology Act No 26 of 1997 and Statutory Instrument No 136 of 1999. NTBC became operational From 1st April 2000, with the main objective of linking developed and proven Technologies from various local and international Sources with the business community and Entrepreneurs for the production of goods and services

Do you fund Entrepreneurs as NTBC?
No, NTBC does not fund entrepreneurs directly, however, entrepreneurs have two funding options facilitated by NTBC;

a. Business Development Fund- This is the fund managed by NTBC which helps needy entrepreneurs b. Linkage to financial Institutions such as banks or CEEC or any other fund deemed suitable for the facilitation of an entrepreneur’s business setup.

Are you a government Institution?
Yes, NTBC is a government Institution under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Vocational Training (MSTVT)

What Services Do you offer:

  • Technology Information Resource Centre
  • Business Development Support
  • Technology Identification, Development and Transfer,
  • Technology Audit and Validation
  • Commercialisation of innovations and technologies
  • Advice on Intellectual Property

How are you able to provide the ranging services in line with innovation management?
NTBC has a team of experts in various disciplines that are highly skilled in delivering in accordance to NTBC mandate. Our staffs are employed on merit and management constantly supports staff through exposure and improves on their professional needs.

Are you connected to the international world in terms of Technologies?
Yes, NTBC has a number of Linkages with other International Organisations. Through these linkages, NTBC is able to source Technologies from international suppliers

Are your offices only in Lusaka?
Yes, NTBC is looking at expanding to other parts of the Country in the near future through our linkages with District Business Associations and Research and Development Institutions.

Do you also manufacture products?
No, we facilitate the manufacture of goods through the sourcing of technologies. NTBC also ensures that manufacturing takes place using cleaner production systems through our Technology Audit and Validation Unit/ section.

Do officers at NTBC physically go to the labs to research different processes of products?
No, they do not. NTBC works with Research Institutions that research on the improvement and insome cases development of innovations that NTBC or clients propose.

Does NTBC offer any training?
NTBC does not offer any training. But when a training need has been identified through the execution of its mandate and provision of services, it facilitates training by partnering with other partners and stakeholders to bridge the gap identified.

Does NTBC offer financial Assistance to its clients?
NTBC is currently able to offer assistance in form of a fund accessed through the Technology Business Development Fund (TBDF). Note that this fund is very competitive as it is still growing.