In line with our Mission, NTBC is working to complement Government efforts in implementing projects that contribute to improvement of socio economic conditions of the rural areas.

In October, 2013 the NTBC in partnership with the Green Knowledge Institute (GKI) embarked on the implementation of the solar power min grid project, Lundazi Green Village Project (LVGP) in Chief Magod’s area of Lundazi District in Eastern Province. The Lundazi Green Village Project (LVGP) phase one was recently commissioned by the Minister of Higher Education-Honourable Professor Nkandu Luo on the 24th March, 2017 in Chief Magodi‘s area of Lundazi Green Village. The LVGP is a US $1million and 48 Kilowatts installation Solar mini grid power system which will light up a village of 300 households, a clinic,Chief Magodi’s palace,a school and shops.

Speaking During the event the Higher Education Minister said the provision of power through an off grid stand alone and clean technology would provide the rural communities with impetus to break out from the shackles of poverty and improve their living standard. Prof Luo said the success of the project would entail many other rural communities stand a chance of being electrified using solar energy through replication of the appropriate technology.

She said the sustainability of the project was such that it meant to facilitate achievement of energy and financial independence by the rural communi-ties as it was designed to be flexible modular and aligned to the specific needs of the communities.

Prof Luo said the project was underpinned by an effective multiple stake-holder involvement.She said her ministry has a mandate to lead all sectors in fostering the adaption of science, technology, and innovation at national level.

In an effort to drive innovation from the grassroots to full commercializa-tion, Prof. Luo said the Government through her ministry has put in place certain institutions with specific roles and mandates.

Prof Luo commended National Technology Business Centre (NTBC)’s role which she said was unique as it would serve as a commercial wing of the ministry.

Speaking at the same function, NTBC Director Luwodzya Mwale said the project was an initiative of the Government.He said 300 households and other places were expected to benefit from the project. He commended various institutions for partnering with NTBC in the realization of the project.

”The Lundazi Green Village project shall thus provide electricity for lighting and electrical appliances through a stable solar based power supply which shall cater for both household and business use, inevitably leading to job creation and higher incomes,”Mr Mwale said.

Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) Director General John Msimuko said ZEMA was pleased to be associated with the successful story of the Lundazi Green Village Project which has been supported under the interim environmental fund.

He said the provision of energy would without doubt reduce the negative impacts on natural resources and help to address issues of climate change.

Patriotic Front Chasefu Member of Parliament Gerald Zimba said the population of Lundazi has been growing steadily since the last Census of 2010.

Mr Zimba said the implementation of the Lundazi Green Village project would foster massive benefits to the people of Chasefu Constituency and Lundazi district.