The demand for electricity energy in Zambia has grown mainly due to the increased economic activities in the country especially in the Agriculture, manufacturing and mining sectors. For a long time the Government of the Republic of Zambia has depended on Hydroelectricity, however due to increased economic activities and energy deficit across the country, the Government is turning to other forms of energy such as solar energy. Solar energy is sustainable and can be relied on for a long term as it is obtained from sources that are inexhaustible, and generally speaking it is clean and non-polluting source of energy.

The National Technology Business Centre (NTBC) is a Government agency under the Ministry of Higher Education. Its mission is to effectively promote innovations, commercialise and transfer technologies in order to unlock Zambia’s competitiveness and deliver social economic value.

In trying to achieve its mandate, NTBC launched a solar Power Mini grid on 24th of March 2017 in Chief Magodi area of Lundazi District – Eastern Province.