Technology and Innovation play a crucial role in national development, usually Technology and Innovation is the source of economic growth and employment. For a developing country like Zambia, It is encouraging to note that the Government of the Republic of Zambia through the Ministry of Higher Education set up the National Technology Business Centre (NTBC) to carry out the mandate of spearheading technology and innovative inclined Businesses to contribute to economic growth.

The National Technology Business Centre (NTBC) has a mandate to commercialize innovations and transfer technologies. NTBC‘s major function is to promote, market and transfer technologies in the Country in order to enhance the utilisation and adoption of new technologies and innovations to contribute to industrialisation, economic development and job creation.

NTBC is aware that developments in Technology can make a significant contribution to poverty reduction. In an effort to attain its objective, the Centre has worked on a number of technologies designed to improve people’s livelihood, particularly those living in the rural areas.