"Better Living Through Collaborative Innovation"
Innovation and design are two pillars of the socio-economic development of the world. The strength on the global stage can often be measured in technology innovation. At the heart of the Zambian Sixth National Development Plan is the mobilization ofZambia’s design and innovation talent to forward the nation. To forward this growth, the National Technology Business Center (NTBC) will host the 2013 International Development Design Summit (IDDS) in July 2013 inZambia.

The IDDS was founded in by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) senior lecturer, Amy Smith. The inaugural event was held in 2007 at MIT and has been organized every year since, expanding locations to include Ghana and Brazil. It has growth from the initial focus group and ideation of collaborative innovation into a major international summit set to expand into multiple events each year worldwide. The IDDS has developed many technologies for settings from rural to urban impacting a wide variety of sectors and will continue to grow its network of pupils and leaders in co-creative innovation.

To create an intense, hands-on design experience that encourages co-creation from people around the world, from all walks of life, which will forward the development of workable technology and enterprise solutions to the challenges facing those in poverty

IDDS Zambia
The NTBC has received official approval from the IDDS directorship to host an event in Zambia. National and international action, such as charges in the Sixth National Plan and engaging in the Southern Africa Innovation Support program have shown a renewed desire within Zambia to grow a culture of innovation and technology investment. The IDDS serves as a strong nucleus of learning and collaboration that can help to spark momentum in Zambia towards this growth. The NTBC hopes to find a strong network of partners in support of this event that may continue to support Zambia’s future innovations.

Sponsorship of the 2013 IDDS in Zambia will be appreciated in both direct funding in kwacha or through other contributions such as materials, facilities, or services at reduced costs. All sponsorship will be valuated at its cash value for appropriate recognition. For potential partners who wish to sponsor a specific expense (e.g. - all international airfare), the NTBC is open to making such arrangements with appropriate recognition.