As a step towards improving the Zambian Innovation System, the Finnish Government has included Zambia as a participant on the Southern African Innovation Support programme (SAIS).

SAIS is a four year programme consisting of Mozambique, Namibia, Botswana and Zambia as participating countries with South Africa as knowledge sharing partner. The programme also has the support of SADC as a key partner leading to achieving sustainability of the programme.

In Zambia, the participating Ministry is the Ministry responsible for Science, Technology Vocation and Training while the National Technology Business Centre is the Lead Institution.

Benefits to Zambia

Specifically the main benefits of the SAIS programme include:

Improvement of public institutions such as the ministries, universities and research institutions whose linkages with other innovation role players in their countries and in other participating countries will be improved through knowledge exchange and collaboration, and whose staff will benefit from higher levels of knowledge concerning innovation
Private sector companies and their associations which will benefit from better linkages and improved levels of knowledge exchange with educational and research institutions;
Individual innovation practitioners (both current and potential) who will gain knowledge and expertise concerning innovation;
Small businesses and entrepreneurs who will benefit from innovation-related services.

Opportunities for Zambia:

Increased output from R & D and industry
Maximum Resource utilisation
Technologies and Innovations that are more problem oriented
Development of common visioning by all actors in the innovation system
Strengthened linkages between ST & And Industry
Increased resource mobilisation because common visioning
Appreciation of the Role of ST and I in economic development

SAIS Programme Document
SAIS Presentation
Justification for Zambia's Participation