In order to continue adding value to Zambian products and to the various innovations, NTBC through the Technology transfer section undertakes the evaluation of inventions/innovations; identification of the necessary Intellectual Property rights in the innovation/invention and recommend the suitable form of IP protection for the particular technology (product, process, know-how and others). The idea is to allow innovators and inventors to benefit from the provisions of the intellectual property system by acquiring certain right to work and exploit the intellectual property rights.

The innovator or promoter is required to disclose the invention/innovation in full for the purposes of evaluation and sign an agreement with NTBC to facilitate the intellectual property protection. NTBC lodges applications on behalf of the promoters/ applicant with Patents and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA). NTBC liaises with PACRA’s Industrial property department on the relevant protection systems.

To facilitate IP protection, NTBC undertakes searches for prior art and freedom to operate searches before advising the promoter to go ahead with protection of the IP;

Support can be provided in the registration and application for the following IP rights:

Industrial Design
Patents- provisional and full specifications
Copyright- through Ministry of Information ad Broadcasting Services