It is the responsibility of NTBC to monitor the use and uptake of technologies by industry. The Centre takes stock of the technologies in use by industry and validates their use against existing standards drawn by various regulatory bodies in order to achieve full technical optimisation, cleaner production and efficiency.

The Technology audit and Validation programme provides an input into various national agendas/strategies related to technology acquisition and utilisation. The expected outputs include;

Database of all Imported Technologies being utilised in the Country
Mechanisms developed for the Identification management of Intellectual Property ownership of Technologies in use
Documentation of impacts and effects of Technologies in use on the environment and occupational health
Enhanced Industry driven research and development activities
Technology forecasts/Fore-sighting – aimed at identifying areas of strategic research and of generic technologies most likely to yield the greatest economic and social benefits.
Documentation on effects on occupational health
Ascertained technology gaps
Increased levels of local manufacture