The Technology Information Resource Centre was established by NTBC in December, 2009 to facilitate technology transfer and provide leverage for the formation of technology inclined businesses. The specific objectives include to;

Provide an online data bank of technological information for the promotion of research and development, innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.
Identify, acquire and store technological information and data, i.e. serve as a specialised collection of technological information
Serve as conduit of technological information to aid technology transfer
Provide entrepreneurs, researchers, innovators and the general public with a search base for technological data and information
Information provided;

Business opportunities for technologically inclined enterprises
Existing for new technologies
Technology suppliers and seekers
Patents and new technologies
Target Group;

The resource Centre targets Technology seekers and suppliers derived from the following groups:

The Youth; To promote innovation and creativity
Women and Girls; To encourage their involvement in science and technology
Local and International entrepreneurs; To encourage technology transfer and adoption
Government and Research Institutions; To encourage further study on particular technologies and investment in the development of some key technologies
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